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The latest collaboration between Forzin Valves (San Pedro de Alcántara - Spain) and Invokal - Speech Urchin (Brighton - UK). A collaboration of big bass EDM and hip hop lyricism.
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released March 3, 2015

Production - Forzin Valves
Words - Invokal



all rights reserved


Invokal Brighton, UK

Invokal - Speech Urchin. Vandal Of Fame. The Magik Word. Broken Authors. Paragraph Pirates. The Verbalist Journalist. Telling tales of concrete culture with honest and intricate lyricism and a diversity hard to match in the scene.
Ill Consumer Nation
See also Tales Of A Timelord for Invokal's work in drama. Acting, directing and producing science fiction podcast dramas.
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Track Name: Forzin Stepz
Forzin Stepz

Just one more step towards this freedom,
before they force us back again.
Trust one more pen before they seize them,
cos they draw the masks of men.

There's a place that's barely real as i start to wake from my dreams
where i search eyelid fields for a darker shade of green.
Where i sneak into your houses and draw with markers on your screens
and pour ink into the sockets until it starts to spark and scream.
And for those who still can't believe i'll be vabdalising fame,
with magazines up to my knees as I stand in the rising flames.
In this ever changing breeze, they've no chance to fight the blaze.
Take history books, a biro and demand to write in change!
As i awake i have the derranged, staring in my face,
and the devil on my doorstep just daring me to chase.
I pick a heart up with these forceps and prepare to put it in place,
but i only get about four steps before the floorboard breaks.
And the demons in the basement try to claw at my heals,
as the faceless make their statements on a cordless on wheels.
Without a trace of entertainment, just this caustic appeal,
so i join the vagrants on the pavement and draw with chalk how I feel.

Do you think these wars will look less stupid than those of the passed?
Do you think the devil acts like cupid when he wears a different mask?
Is a sinking ship less scary when you're perched atop the mast?
Do you think blood runs any thicker depending on cast or class?
Well i doubt it, but as waves crash and sharks start to mass,
it's getting pretty hard to know just which olive branch to grasp.
But as debrit seems to float passed from vessels that have crashed,
we're learning now to throw back these devils from the rafts,
yes we're learning now to grow back to levels they cannot smash!

We bleach trees, stain them black and draw them towards our chests.
Saying "we're all slaves to the cracks in the pavement" - of course in jest.
how "despite these olive branches we grasp these wars progress"
and how "the devil plants his fork in our backs just forcing steps".
And the masses, tired of fighting, just yawnde and sunk to sleep.
With a half lit cigarette stuck between their teeth.
But as the insomniacs and canibals sink into their seats
we realise nothing is quite as flammable as the ink upon these sheets.

Copywrite Invokal 2015