Yo Ho Ho & The Art Of Conversation

by The Paragraph Pirates

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Invokal - Speech Urchin, Asbest - The Moor King and Da.B. A rag tag bunch of scallywags. A' Capella pirate Da.B forges soundscapes fit for maritime warriors. MCs Invokal and Asbest rise to the challenge, haul anchor and set sail for hip hop.

Yo Ho Ho is te debut release by the Pirates. Featuring remixes by Dusty Showbiz, Mute Speaker and Bantamflex.

The Art Of Conversation is the second release from The Paragraph Pirates. Complete with the acca for any DJs and producers out there who fancy doing their own remix.


released September 11, 2013

Vocals: Invokal & Asbest.
Production: Da.B.
Mastered by Da.B.



all rights reserved


Invokal Brighton, UK

Invokal - Speech Urchin. Vandal Of Fame. The Magik Word. Broken Authors. Paragraph Pirates. The Verbalist Journalist. Telling tales of concrete culture with honest and intricate lyricism and a diversity hard to match in the scene.
Ill Consumer Nation
See also Tales Of A Timelord for Invokal's work in drama. Acting, directing and producing science fiction podcast dramas.
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Track Name: Yo Ho Ho - (Original)
We bang on bolted doors inside a factory a knuckles a meal.
In this future we head towards we're practically out of wheels.
Withdraw our pens and swords, strike the plastic against the steal
and shout at the top of our cords "this is how we actually feel".
I'm dismantling our training wheels the day after tomorrow,
it's a gamble but i'd rather try to break the chain than follow.
Because while choking on the bitter pill, we take the pain and swallow,
and the stomach acid makes us ill, and our faces show the sorrow.
with with this time to kill i pledge in rhyme to describe our thoughts,
of why we fought to pause a war by storming forts by force.
while images distort, with weather reports and cures for warts,
stalked by sordid walks of advertisers talking noughts.
The road has forks, and i've been learning how to split myself in two.
Nostrils scorched by flames of freedom, i'm sure you've smelt it too.
You can try the gates of heaven think you'll find the hell is in you.
And when a God head is severed what a man supposed to do,
Propose the truth? What? When this world is run by broken tongues?
When people the truth and they're often choked, it's wrong.
Well the door to opportunity, it won't be open long.
That's why our pockets are see-through but our throat is quoting strong
Throwing songs like exploding bombs and molotov metaphors.
The city burns for starters then on to the volatile second course.
I can hear the moor king talking so you better get on board,
we're sailing towards merky waters and this ship has set it's course.

Mutiny uprooted face to face with storms opening minds above dispersed to dust, pinnacle arranged so springs are cut short to the elements, surviving phobia, with border control to intensify your complex, shocked by over confidence, beheading mass influence, wondering genius drinking this potency lacking space to conform, shocked by silence on the inside, shocked by silence on the inside.

And it's Yo Ho Ho, and a bottle of hidden messages,
upon the waves afloat, beside these burning effergies.
as friends in need cling to the boat with all their energies
while we navigate loose leaf notes with quotes of therapy.
It's Yo Ho Ho, and a bottle of hidden messages,
upon the waves afloat, beside these burning effergies.
And enemies cling to the boat with all their energies
while we navigate loose leaf notes with quotes of entropy.

Burning Effigies, Burning Effigies, Burning Effigies, Burning
eyes with discussed measurements of unstable alters seeking visions through a looking glass, counting frames risen coming up with a broken heart, contaminated filtering out the mess, benefits await haunted by night once the walls painted deface the characters entering the story, trying to raise the pillars watched by a jealous eye with a queens head, programmed to passiveness, started poorly this nautical range shields therapy forever testing patience, silence walks with a code of conduct gathering its subject stored with conflict, ordered useless, migrated to basic forms, dispersed from classified roots, oracle set to sleep walk, meaning at which point forces appear undisclosed to settle scores trap door for the scapegoat, single appeal, thought too intensive project search aggressive, disorder, use of force, hung by the wilderness case unsolved, the sign of troubled water.

Hung by the wilderness, case unsolved. Brandishing the kitchen knife.



Lets tell these kids how they lay...

Hmm, yeah...

So the scars like stars aline then, across an insulted sky.
with cells busy dividing while bacteria boldly multiply.
And who is it writing these medical records they falsify?
The fault is mine, but all i can do is watch the cultures die.
While vultures fly above a carcass of a system being torn.
One day soon will be th darkest, but the sun will rise that morn
across the war. With torsos literally littered across the lawns.
Of those who faught so hard to resist and break those norms.